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Call for Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Autonomous robots



Behavioral decision making


Artificial intelligence



Bayesian controllers

Command and control systems


Bayesian probability

Control system applications


Characteristics of intelligent control systems

Data analysis, prediction and model identification


Computing approaches

Data fusion and mining


Design concerns

Decision support systems


Evolutionary computation

Distributed decision making


Expert control

Dynamic systems modeling


Foundations of intelligent control

Fault diagnosis


Fuzzy control

High speed communication


Fuzzy control design

Human factors in system design


Genetic algorithms

Hybrid systems


Genetic operators

Hyper network communication


Intelligence and intelligent control

Image processing


Intelligent and autonomous control

Image understanding


Intelligent control

Intelligent control systems


Intelligent control systems

Intelligent databases & information retrieval


Intelligent control techniques

Intelligent information systems


Machine learning

Parallel computing applications in identification &control


Multilayer perceptrons

Pattern recognition


Neural network controllers

Prediction and time series analysis


Neural networks

Qualitative and approximate-reasoning modeling


Planning systems for control

Risk management


The population of individuals

Robot dynamics and control



Robotics and automation



Robotics and automation



Signal processing



System identification



Transportation systems



Submission Methods

1. Please log in the Electronic Submission System and upload your paper

For presentation only, only abstract is needed
For presentation and publication, full paper is needed

2. You can also send your paper directly to aeic_conf@academic.net

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  • Conference detailed schedule will be available in January.